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ARC ATHENA, Book Four of Six  -  It All Burns Down!

Mustering the collective courage to oppose the invading forces from deep space, members of the celebrity super team ARC ATHENA are faced with shock and terror - the operatives of ARC POSEIDON have been mind controlled and set to combat against them!

Earth sends its infantry to resist the oncoming invasion. But their best efforts may not be enough against the vicious IMPERIAL GUARD: OMMI, FEERU AND RUNDO. Meanwhile, THE EMPRESS QUEEN razes the secret ARC facility in order to retrieve a power source... a battery that her mothership needs before setting course to conquer her galaxy.

With "ACROSS THE CINDER BRIDGE", writer and illustrator ERIC CANETE (Tron Uprising, Ben 10 Alien Force, Chrononauts: Future Shock) returns with the fourth installment of his white-hot adventure series in ARC ATHENA, bringing a compelling story of characters who struggle to live up to their roles and responsibilities. 

The world crumbles into a tunnel of ash and with no back up in sight our heroes may not survive to see the other side. Brace yourself and don't inhale the smoke - our heroes are in for an inferno!



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