ARC ATHENA 02 – Book Two of Six - “DAWN OF MONSTERS” - The second book in the Arc Athena saga has arrived! 



  • ARC ATHENA 02, Hardcover -- The full-length campaign version. 64 Pages including bonus material: concept art, character designs, and work-in-progress pencil versions of the pages! Giving the reader an immersive behind-the-scenes look into the world of ARC ATHENA.  Comes in a Spot UV Hardcover format for extra durability and presentation!



The world trembles under the shadow of an alien threat emerging from the dark side of the moon. Meanwhile, back on Earth, members of both ARC ATHENA and ARC POSEIDON face their personal demons, discover pocket dimensions, and dive deep into a covert digital universe... but they are not alone.

Wherever they go, cloaked and cunning spies follow in the shadows to plot their capture!

Brace yourselves for the second chapter of ARC ATHENA as it delivers a gut punch of action, intrigue, and a world-ending DAWN OF MONSTERS!


Part 2 of a SIX ISSUE SCIENCE FICTION MINISERIES from illustrator/storyteller Eric Canete (Chrononauts: Future Shock, Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited, TRON Uprising). Find out what happens when a beloved, focus-group approved public team encounter their cloak-and-dagger counterparts who do the REAL dirty work, in the face of an oncoming alien invasion.



  • Art and Story by Eric Canete