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The heroes we worship are not the ones saving us. Find out what happens when a beloved, focus-group approved public team encounter their cloak-and-dagger counterparts who do the REAL dirty work.



  • ARC ATHENA 01, Variant Cover, Hardcover -- Limited Edition, Small Print Run, Variant Cover of the full-length campaign version. 64 Pages including bonus material: concept art, character designs, and work-in-progress pencil versions of the pages! Giving the reader an immersive behind-the-scenes look into the world of ARC ATHENA.  Comes in a Spot UV Hardcover format for extra durability and presentation!



"Neon Gods" to their adoring public, ARC ATHENA is the super powered team that the world is desperate for. Curated by the global tech and entertainment giant known as ARC, each member represents the most aspirational hero that public polling data can provide. Athena's roster consists of characters whose powers are bombastically perfect for their obsessed audience but yield very low stopping force- everything is for "The Show".


On the other side of the coin is ARC POSEIDON, the dark secret no one wants to believe exists. They are the lethal ARC mechanism used to extinguish threats so that the world can sleep soundly in their beds. The team operates behind the scenes with brutal force and without fanfare. Each member of the team has impressive power sets, abilities and technology that makes them equipped to combat larger-than-life villains and events.


Part 1 of a SIX ISSUE SCIENCE FICTION MINISERIES from illustrator/  storyteller Eric Canete (from TRON Uprising).



  • Art and Story by Eric Canete
  • Colors by Giuliano Peratelli (Sovereign Wolf)
  • Letters by Eric Weathers (Battle Brick Road)
  • Edited by Joe Fulton (The Lucent)


ARC ATHENA Books 01 & 02 are now available. Books  3-6 are already in production with FIVE of the six issues completed. We are AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. Book 3 is scheduled for release soon!

ARC ATHENA 01 - Limited Edition Variant Cover - Hardcover


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