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Get Your Soulfinder: Infinite Ascent Rosary!




What is Included: 


The Rosary: Created Specifically for Soulfinder by Rugged Rosaries of Military Grade 550 Paracord with Black Acrylic Resin and Bronze Beads. Very Strong, Rugged, Masculin. Tight, Even Celtic Knotting created by experienced artisans. St. Benedict Crucifix with Black Enamel and exquiste detail. Split ring connectors for strength. Wearable - Looped portion is 26.5 inches around. Comes with its own drawsting Rugged Rosaries carry pouch. Different for this Rosary: A Center Bronze Medialian


The Story:


Combat veteran exorcist Fr. Patrick Retter has been asked by the U.S. government to infiltrate a drug kingpin's compound on the other side of the world since special operations forces keep failing under mysterious circumstances. A supernatural enemy has thwarted America's most elite warriors, but Uncle Sam believes the Soulfinders can successfully apprehend a rogue CIA agent and bring him to justice.

The mission pits Fr. Retter and his good friend, Detective Gregory Chua, against the demonic being "Spider of Satan," a drug cartel that is out for blood, and a 26,000-foot mountain known as "Sky Cathedral."

'Soulfinder: Infinite Ascent' follows the heroics of both men as seen in 'Soulfinder: Black Tide and 'Soulfinder: Demon’s Match.' This third installment focuses on themes of abandonment, reconciling with one's past, and the importance of forgiveness.

Soulfinder: Infinite Ascent Rosary

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    • Douglas Ernst (Writer): the creator of Soulfinder, is a professional journalist who has devoted nearly a decade of covering the comics industry via his blog and YouTube. He currently works for The Washington Times and has interviewed many high profile figures both cultural and political, including Gary Sinise and Mike Rowe.
    • Matthew Weldon (Artist & Variant Cover Artist): Long time comic book creator and artist for Indie Project Collaborations and IDW. View his Deviant Art page at
    • Dave Dorman (Cover Artist): is the renowned painter and illustrator whose work set the standard for cover art for more than a decade. Having worked with virtually every major comic book company in the world, he is most known for his cover art for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Aliens, and Predator.
    • Bill Williams (Letterer): Industry veteran Bill Williams has written for DC Comics, IDW and more. More recently, he inked a chapter of the Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 comic.
    • Timothy Lim (Variant Cover Artist): is a practicing Roman Catholic, professional illustrator, and political cartoonist from the state of Arkansas. With more than 8 years of industry experience working as a freelance illustrator for major companies, he has created and illustrated multiple works within the last 2 years that have gone on to be major bestsellers. These include but are not limited to the Wall Might Trilogy, The Black Hops Series, The Kamen America Series, and The Soulfinder Series.
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