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The Celebrated Third Book in the Soulfinder Series! Now Available Exculsively through Iconic Comics in Matte Hardcover with Gold Gilded Edges, a White Silk Ribbon Bookmark, and Variant Front and Back Cover Art by Alejandro Mirabal.


The Story:


Combat veteran exorcist Fr. Patrick Retter has been asked by the U.S. government to infiltrate a drug kingpin's compound on the other side of the world since special operations forces keep failing under mysterious circumstances. A supernatural enemy has thwarted America's most elite warriors, but Uncle Sam believes the Soulfinders can successfully apprehend a rogue CIA agent and bring him to justice.

The mission pits Fr. Retter and his good friend, Detective Gregory Chua, against the demonic being "Spider of Satan," a drug cartel that is out for blood, and a 26,000-foot mountain known as "Sky Cathedral."

'Soulfinder: Infinite Ascent' follows the heroics of both men as seen in 'Soulfinder: Black Tide and 'Soulfinder: Demon’s Match.' This third installment focuses on themes of abandonment, reconciling with one's past, and the importance of forgiveness.


What is Included: 


The Hardcover Edition of our 72-page action/adventure story comes with twelve pages of bonus materials that include an afterword by Soulfinder creator Douglas Ernst and art by both Matthew Weldon. The Hardcover Edition has the entire 72-page story in its Original Black & White Inks Version by Matthew Weldon. The Hardcover Edition has a total of 148 pages!

Soulfinder: Infinite Ascent (Book 3) - Mirabal Variant - Hardcover

$65.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price

    • Douglas Ernst (Writer): the creator of Soulfinder, is a professional journalist who interviewed high profile figures — both cultural and political during his tenure at The Washington Times — including Gary Sinise and Mike Rowe.Matthew Weldon (Artist)
    • Jean-Francois Beaulieu (Colorist)
    • Bill Williams (Letterer)
    • Alejandro Mirabal (Cover Artist)
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