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Soulfinder: Black Tide Variant Cover by Artist Timothy Lim! Limited Quantities Available!


The Sequel to Soulfinder: Demon's Match! Released Exclusively with Iconic Comics in Hardcover with Gold Gilded Edges, a Red Silk Ribbon Bookmark, and a 3D Effect of Embossed & Debossed Front and Back Wrap Around Cover with a Beautiful Mixture of Matte, Glossy and Glow-in-the-Dark Elements!


Initial Release of 100 Books reduced from $60 to $30!

Get yours while it lasts!


The Story:


The U.S. government has a national security nightmare on its hands due to a rogue team of Navy SEALs and a disgraced nuclear submariner who have joined the cult of Blackfire. Catholic priests Father Patrick Retter and Father Reginald Crane — specialized exorcists who are part of an order called Soulfinders — are luckily willing to enter the fray.


Both men, combat veterans, join their friend Detective Gregory Chua of the Steepleton, Maryland police department in a race to stop William Nebel, former Captain of the USS Seaviper, from obtaining the relics he needs to bring a demonic “Black Tide” into the physical world.


The trio must use faith, intelligence, strength, and endurance to survive challenges far from shore, at the bottom of the ocean, and within “The Abyss.”


Soulfinder: Black Tide expands Father Retter’s world, first introduced in Soulfinder: Demon’s Match, by demonstrating an uncomfortable truth: “Spiritual warfare isn’t relegated to the civilian world. The promise of great power corrupts even America’s elite warriors on rare occasions.”


What is Included: 


The Hardcover Edition of our 56-page action/adventure story comes with twelve pages of bonus materials that include an afterword by Soulfinder creator Douglas Ernst and art by both Matthew Weldon, Vince Rush and Timothy Lim. The Hardcover Edition has additional bonus “Script Talk” by Douglas Ernst, and the entire 56-page story in its Original Black & White Inks Version by Matthew Weldon. The Hardcover Edition has a total of 128 pages!

Soulfinder: Black Tide (Book 2) - Timothy Lim Variant - Hardcover

$60.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price

    • Douglas Ernst (Writer): the creator of Soulfinder, is a professional journalist who has devoted nearly a decade of covering the comics industry via his blog and YouTube. He currently works for The Washington Times and has interviewed many high profile figures both cultural and political, including Gary Sinise and Mike Rowe.
    • Matthew Weldon (Artist & Variant Cover Artist): Long time comic book creator and artist for Indie Project Collaborations and IDW. View his Deviant Art page at
    • Brett R. Smith (Colorist): A professional colorist, advertising specialist, and creative director with decades of industry experience, which includes work for the "Big Two" — Marvel and DC. He spearheaded and colored the #1 New York Times bestselling adaptation of Peter Schweizer's book, Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel, served as creative director and editor for Thump: The First Bundred Days, and has done collaborative work with Breitbart as well as other media entities.
    • Dave Dorman (Cover Artist): is the renowned painter and illustrator whose work set the standard for cover art for more than a decade. Having worked with virtually every major comic book company in the world, he is most known for his cover art for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Aliens, and Predator.
    • Bill Williams (Letterer): Industry veteran Bill Williams has written for DC Comics, IDW and more. More recently, he inked a chapter of the Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 comic.
    • Timothy Lim (Variant Cover Artist): is a practicing Roman Catholic, professional illustrator, and political cartoonist from the state of Arkansas. With more than 8 years of industry experience working as a freelance illustrator for major companies, he has created and illustrated multiple works within the last 2 years that have gone on to be major bestsellers. These include but are not limited to the Wall Might Trilogy, The Black Hops Series, The Kamen America Series, and The Soulfinder Series.
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