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Punchline: Super-Frenemies is Available in a SIGNED Hard Cover or Trade Paperback Version.


This EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION Collection includes a Cover Gallery and Sketch Book Material not included in the Antarctic Press version released to comic book stores via Diamond Distribution. The Super-Frenemies Collection has a final page count of 130+ pages! Books are Autographed by both Bill Williams & Matthew Weldon.


In Super-Frenemies, Jessie meets other people that live a super-double life much like hers. She learns the source of her new powers as she makes new friends and enemies. Super-Frenemies collects Punchline #6- #10.


For Punchline #1-#5, see the Punchline: Blood Sisters Collection. Also available in our store!


Creative Team:

Bill Williams (Writer) -- Industry veteran Bill Williams has written for DC Comics, IDW and more. More recently, he inked a chapter of the Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 comic.


Matthew Weldon (Artist) – Long time comic book creator and artist for Indie Project Collaborations and  IDW. View his Deviant Art page at

Punchline: Super-Frenemies - Collection #6 - #10 - SIGNED Edition

  • Punchline is an ongoing comic book and trade paperback series published by Antarctic Press. The series is available at many comic book shops through Diamond Comics Distribution. A version of the first issue was offered on Free Comic Book Day in 2019.

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