Punchline: Blood Sisters is Available in a SIGNED Hard Cover or Trade Paperback Version.


This EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION Collection includes a Cover Gallery and Sketch Book Material not included in the Antarctic Press version released to comic book stores via Diamond Distribution. The Blood Sisters Collection has a final page count of 124 pages with another 16+ pages of bonus content! Books are Autographed by both Bill Williams & Matthew Weldon.


In Blood Sisters, Mel, a costumed hero, is forced into retirement and told pass her responsibilities along to a young girl named Jessie. To add insult to injury, Mel is then ordered to stick around and train her replacement. During training, Jessie starts to question Mel's drive and instincts. Blood Sisters collects Punchline #1 - #5.


For Punchline #6 - #10, see the Punchline: Super-Frenemies  Collection. Also available in our store!


Creative Team:

Bill Williams (Writer) -- Industry veteran Bill Williams has written for DC Comics, IDW and more. More recently, he inked a chapter of the Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 comic.


Matthew Weldon (Artist) – Long time comic book creator and artist for Indie Project Collaborations and  IDW. View his Deviant Art page at https://www.deviantart.com/kashdv8.

Punchline: Blood Sisters - Collection #1 - #5 - SIGNED Edition

  • Punchline is an ongoing comic book and trade paperback series published by Antarctic Press. The series is available at many comic book shops through Diamond Comics Distribution. A version of the first issue was offered on Free Comic Book Day in 2019.

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