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Kamen America, Volume 3 finds the fighting fashionista Kamen America & the Kamen Corps in a showdown with their nemesis, Vermillion Masquerade!



  • KAMEN AMERICA, Volume 3: Homeland Insecurity, Hardcover -- The full-length campaign version. 64 pages including bonus material and the continuous epilogue that ties in to Black Hops! Comes in a standard hardcover format for extra durability and presentation! Front cover by Hebrin; back cover by Genzoman.


Kamen America, Volume 3, continues the saga of our heroine as she pursues the identify of her arch nemesis. Charlotte Vanders is a fashionista-turned-reluctant hero who must balance her rising stardom against a world whose principles run contrary to her own: and that's on top of her equally super-human rivals who want to take her down a notch!


When we last left off in Volume 2, the Kamen Corps was squaring away with the triple threat of Machiavellian agent Niro Lansky, the mud-manipulating Vermillion Masquerade, and the arrogant, armored Kamen U.N. Having successfully teamed up to defeat the rampaging kaiju O-Scar, the Kamen Corps sets their eyes on expanding their grassroots support while looking for a way to take down Vermillion Masquerade for good!


Vermillion Masquerade, Lansky and Kamen U.N. form an alliance in a final bid to ruin the Kamen Corps for good! But an unexpected ally comes to their rescue at the last minute-- will Kamen America and her newfound friends save the day and uncover the secret of Vermillion? And who will emerge victorious in the final showdown between Kamen America and Kamen U.N? Find out in the latest volume of the Kamen America Saga!


Creative Team:

  • Created by Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini
  • Art, colors, and lettering by Timothy Lim
  • Written by Mark Pellegrini
  • First published by Iconic Comics
  • Made and Printed in the USA
  • Front Cover by Genzoman
  • Back Cover by Kumaartsu

Kamen America, Vol 3: Homeland Insecurity - Hardcover


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