Own an Original Piece of Soulfinder: Black Tide. The Original Artwork Page 18 of 53 is now available. Drawn in Inks by Matthew Weldon on 11"x17" Strathmore Artist Paper.


The Story:


The Anticipated Sequel to Soulfinder: Demon's Match! Released Exclusively with Iconic Comics!


The U.S. government has a national security nightmare on its hands due to a rogue team of Navy SEALs and a disgraced nuclear submariner who have joined the cult of Blackfire. Catholic priests Father Patrick Retter and Father Reginald Crane — specialized exorcists who are part of an order called Soulfinders — are luckily willing to enter the fray.


Both men, combat veterans, join their friend Detective Gregory Chua of the Steepleton, Maryland police department in a race to stop William Nebel, former Captain of the USS Seaviper, from obtaining the relics he needs to bring a demonic “Black Tide” into the physical world.