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Own an Original Piece of Soulfinder: Black Tide. The Original Artwork Page 13 of 53 is now available. Drawn in Inks by Matthew Weldon on 11"x17" Strathmore Artist Paper.


The Story:


The Anticipated Sequel to Soulfinder: Demon's Match! Released Exclusively with Iconic Comics!


The U.S. government has a national security nightmare on its hands due to a rogue team of Navy SEALs and a disgraced nuclear submariner who have joined the cult of Blackfire. Catholic priests Father Patrick Retter and Father Reginald Crane — specialized exorcists who are part of an order called Soulfinders — are luckily willing to enter the fray.


Both men, combat veterans, join their friend Detective Gregory Chua of the Steepleton, Maryland police department in a race to stop William Nebel, former Captain of the USS Seaviper, from obtaining the relics he needs to bring a demonic “Black Tide” into the physical world.


The trio must use faith, intelligence, strength, and endurance to survive challenges far from shore, at the bottom of the ocean, and within “The Abyss.”


Soulfinder: Black Tide expands Father Retter’s world, first introduced in Soulfinder: Demon’s Match, by demonstrating an uncomfortable truth: “Spiritual warfare isn’t relegated to the civilian world. The promise of great power corrupts even America’s elite warriors on rare occasions.”



Original Artwork - Page 13 - Soulfinder: Black Tide (Book 2)

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