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The Story:

Longharbor unfolds as Mike, years after surviving the mysterious tragedy that led to the death of his crew, recounts his expedition aboard The Carpenter to a journalist.  As his story unfolds, the ship takes them back to the infamous shores of Longharbor, where it all happened. A journey between the reality we know up above the waves and the mysterious nightmares lurking down below. A journey in which men can be just as cruel as the monsters they'll encounter.


This is the first book in the Longharbor Series. With 100 pages of craftsmanship, including Concept Art.


The Creator: 

Alejandro Mirabal, the creator of Longharbor, was once a diver for a maritime archaeological company, now he is a freelance concept artist. 

He has worked on high profile projects such as:  Magic: The Gathering, and GWENT. He has also done work for Neill Blomkamp (director of District 9 & Elysium). 


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