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Kindred Heavens Isabelle Voit Acrylic Standee


Assembles in 2 separate pieces.

Dimensions: 3.5"L x 3.5"W x 5"H


About Kindred Heavens

Created by Bryce Beal and Scott Malin, KINDRED HEAVENS is STUDIO BABA's debut graphic novel series. The first of four books, each fully-colored and at least one hundred pages long.


It is the early 1920s, and the world has been gripped by a new sport called "Windracing." Using Wright-Brothers-esque machines, people race around crowded streets, kicking up dirt and cramming their wings together as they all compete for the glory of being number #1. Right now, there are two companies who everyone in the world knows. PEGASUS, who created the sport, and CERBERUS, who plan to take it over...


KINDRED HEAVENS BOOK ONE tells the story of ISABELLE VOIT, a fifteen-year-old mechanic working for the ailing PEGASUS. While once the greatest racing company on the planet, a series of stunning losses dealt by CERBERUS has tanked the public's opinion of them, and she believes it is up to her to win their favor back.


But her father, CARL VOIT, believes that since he is the original inventor of the sport, his way is always best. He keeps her stuck as a mechanic, building the same menial things she always has. The same menial things that are causing everyone to lose faith in them.

He won't even let her pilot!


She has a plan, though. Somehow, someway, she is going to build something that blows not just the old man, not just Cerberus, but the whole world away. Something that will change windracing forever. Something that only she can fly. A jet engine.


Creative Team:

Created by StudioBaba


Art by Scott Malin

Written by Bryce Beal



"Looking to the future - Kindred Heavens Books Two, Three, and Four are already fully plotted and mostly written, with plans to start work on Book Two.


Kindred Heavens is a series that has been in the works for almost 2 years, having spawned out of our desire to write a story that empowers people to chase their dreams even when it seems like everything is trying to hold them back. In many ways, Isabelle is a surrogate for ourselves when we were her age, just starting to make comics. Back then, no matter how hard we worked, it always seemed we were being told what we couldn't do."


Our goal with this series is, first and foremost, to create an entertaining story. But if it helps just one person who is on the fence about pursuing their dream reach out and grab it, then the thousands of hours we've poured into it will have been more than worth it. -Scott Malin and Bryce Beal

Kindred Heavens, Isabelle Voit Standee

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