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The 2nd Saga comes to a climatic conclusion as the Kamen Corps must counter a calamitous contrivance by their foes, the Zenerengers!


Charlotte 'Carly' Sasha Vanders was an aspiring fashionista whose life was changed after being fatefully impacted by cosmic debris! Now a human battery, she uses her supercharged status to rebrand herself as a henshin-heroine. However, she quickly learns that sometimes doing what's right isn't always fashionable as she battles the forces of evil as the patriotic paladin known as KAMEN AMERICA!


Kamen America, Volume 8 finds a fractured Kamen Corps having to reconvene in Nevada to stop a destructive plan from the Zenerengers and a mob of Dark Suit hooligans! That's easier said that done, however, as they'll have to coordinate their efforts while facing an onslaught from a team of Otomotons who have their own set of tricks!


It's an all-out battle royale as the two henshin-hero groups fight for this piece of ground! Who will emerge victorious and what repercussions will this have on our heroine and her world?



  • KAMEN AMERICA, Volume 8: Fateful Lightning, Hardcover -- The full-length campaign version. 64 pages including six gallery pages and a three page epilogue! Comes in a standard hardcover format for extra durability and presentation! Main cover by "8HUSA" Hachifusa (八房さんによるカバー); back cover Back Cover by Nami (裏表紙:ナミ)


Creative Team:

  • Created by Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini
  • Art by Timothy Lim
  • Written by Mark Pellegrini
  • Lettering by Timothy Lim

Kamen America, Vol 8: Fateful Lightning - Hardcover

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$25.00Sale Price

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