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KAMEN AMERICA VOL 6 - Kamen America, Volume 6 picks up some months after the events of the previous volume. Robot attacks are on the rise around the globe and no one knows exactly why. As Carly and the Kamen Corps promote their label and use their powers while using their powers -- and free time -- to fight for justice, they frequently must contend with their rivals, the Zenerengers, who seem to always coincidentally be around at the same time!


Much is revealed this volume as the enigmatic beneficiary for the Zenerengers is made known -- and what connection does she have to Sylvia Prestige? Joined by their friends Marmot Maiden and Icetosterone, the Kamen Corps will unearth uncomfortable truths that will shed light on the past and alter their futures forever!



    "Charlotte 'Carly' Sasha Vanders was an aspiring fashionista whose life was changed after she was truck by cosmic debris! Now a human battery, she uses her supercharged status to rebrand herself as a henshin-heroine. However, she quickly learns that sometimes doing what's right isn't always fashionable as she battles the forces of evil as the patriotic paladin known as KAMEN AMERICA!"


    • KAMEN AMERICA, Volume 6: Daughters of Liberty, Hardcover -- The full-length campaign version. 64 pages including six gallery pages and a three page epilogue! Comes in a standard hardcover format for extra durability and presentation! Main cover by Kionaoki; back cover cosplay by Sudapiko.


    Creative Team:

    • Created by Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini
    • Art by Timothy Lim
    • Written by Mark Pellegrini
    • Lettering by Timothy Lim

    Kamen America, Vol 6: Daughters of Liberty - Hardcover

    $30.00 Regular Price
    $25.00Sale Price

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