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KAMEN AMERICA VOL 5 - The second saga starts now! Kamen America & the Kamen Corps face a new threat & the return of a familiar foe in their latest adventure!



  • KAMEN AMERICA, Volume 5: Success and Nobleness, Hardcover -- The full-length campaign version. 64 pages including five gallery pages and a three page epilogue! Comes in a standard hardcover format for extra durability and presentation! Front cover by Timothy Lim and Genzoman; back cover Kionaoki.


"Charlotte 'Carly' Vanders was a USO entertainer with dreams of being a fashion designer. After a fateful encounter with cosmic debris, she becomes a human battery with the ability to harness and weaponize her bioelectricity. Supercharged with a spirit of self-determination and persuaded to be a masked fighter for justice, she became the Fighting Fashionista, the Patriotic Paladin known as KAMEN AMERICA!"


Kamen America, Volume 5 picks up 5 months after the events of the previous volume: the Kamen Corps is gaining popularity based on their recent successes and the takedown of Vermillion Masquerade. But good fortune wasn't bound to last forever: a slew of new threats emerge at various places around the globe, and a familiar foe from the past rears its head to cause them further problems! Carly has her work cut out for her as she and the team try to navigate events occurring on an international level while keeping domestic tranquility!


It's the first episode of a new saga that will see the Kamen Corps face the escalation of a threat that far exceeds anything they've encountered before, testing both the limits of themselves and their allies!


Creative Team:

  • Created by Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini
  • Art by Timothy Lim
  • Written by Mark Pellegrini
  • Lettering by Timothy Lim
  • Made and Printed in the USA

Kamen America, Vol 5: Success and Nobleness - Hardcover


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