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Kamen America, Vol 2: The Fighting Fashionista returns! Joined by new allies, Kamen America is confronted with a new villain & a familiar foe from her past!



  • KAMEN AMERICA, Volume 2: The Founding Fighters, Softcover with Saddle Stitch Binding Reprint 3 -- a  64-page graphic novel. It includes 8 pages of bonus content that any future potential retail version won't have. Front cover by LeirixArt; Back cover by Monori Rouge.

KAMEN AMERICA, Volume 2: The Founding Fathers tells the ongoing story about aspiring fashion designer Charlotte "Carly" Vanders, who finds herself thrust into a world of monster-fighting and heroics, all the while having to contend with media hounds, unscrupulous profiteers, and the struggles of maintaining some semblance of a private life.


KAMEN AMERICA, Volume 2 takes place almost a year after the events of the first volume and months after the tie-in story featured in BLACK HOPS, Volume 3: Hopocalypse Now. After turning down her future prospects with her media rep, Carly is working tirelessly to promote herself while suffering a daily barrage of media smear pieces. Monster appearances have not ended and the mystery of who's behind all of it still remains. Fortunately, this time she's joined by former foe Misha Lovacova, who now goes by the name Kamen Comet. Things get complicated really quickly when Carly's former agent, Niro Lansky, joins forces the mysterious woman behind the monster attacks: Vermillion Masquerade! And if that wasn't enough, a rival from Carly's past shows up to complicate things even further!


A few twists and turns present themselves as the cast and world of KAMEN AMERICA continues to expand! We know that you'll find that this second volume truly bests our previous work in terms of storytelling, art, and craft! An unexpected sleeper hit that debuted in the spring of 2020, KAMEN AMERICA, Volume 1 raised more than 900% over its initial funding goal between Kickstarter and IndieGoGo and is slated to debut in retail stores (in a shortened format) courtesy of Antarctic Press this fall.



  • Created by Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini
  • Art by Timothy Lim
  • Written by Mark Pellegrini
  • Lettering by Timothy Lim
  • Front Cover Artwork by LeirixArt
  • Back Cover Artwork by Monori Rouge
  • Made and Printed in the USA

Kamen America, Vol 2: The Founding Fighters - Saddle Stitch Binding


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