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KAMEN AMERICA, Volume 1: Stars & Strife now in Saddle Stitch Binding with a brand new front cover by Hibren!



  • Art, creation, character design, and lettering by Timothy Lim 
  • Written, edited & co-created by Mark Pellegrini 
  • Front and Back Cover by Vamco_Co
  • Fourth Reprint



Kamen America tells the story of Charlotte "Carly" Vanders, a seamstress from Indiana who aspires to become a fashionista someday. She pursues all possible venues to make her dream come true, including joining the USO as a costume designer, dancer, and entertainer.


It's easier said than done, however, and Carly grows more and more frustrated as her goals become seemingly unattainable and her role remains unnoticed.


A twist of fate occurs during a tour for the troops abroad when a freak accident from the skies turns Carly into a living battery: super-charged and able to manipulate her bio-electricity into weapons and granting her the ability to fly  ....and she becomes a blonde. That's sort of important later.


Unfortunately for her, a slew of monsters begin appearing at around the same time! Juggling between being a full-time monster fighter, fashionista, and famous idol is a difficult task, and Carly's principles are put to the test as she weighs her options - and frustrations - as the masked maiden known as Kamen America.


She'll also have to contend with a familiar foe from a foreign land, as she discovers that maybe lightning does strike twice!

Kamen America, Vol 1: Stars & Strife - Saddle Stitch Binding


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