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Kamen America Vol. 7 Acrylic Standee

Kamen America, Volume 7 takes place in a world divided between light and dark. As the Kamen Corps is split across the United States and the world in a desperate attempt to fend off the Otomotons, the Zenerengers are plotting their next move by targeting specific power stations!

To this end, Cynthia Prestige takes advantage of the situation and enlists the help of Zener Ecto and Zener Psycho to enact the last part of her nefarious plan. But what devastating and revealing repercussions will this have on the Kamen Corps? Find out in this penultimate chapter of the second Kamen America saga!


Assembles in 4 separate pieces.

Dimensions: 6.5"L x 3.5"W x 7.25"H



CHARLOTTE VANDERS, a.k.a. KAMEN AMERICA: As the patriotic paladin KAMEN AMERICA, she defends the nation against all its adversaries. Growing up, she dreamed of being a fashion designer when one day she was struck by cosmic debris. Imbued her with the ability to act as a supercharged, high-flying human battery, she soon learns that being a hero sometimes means making the hard choice between doing what's right versus doing what's fashionable.

KIMIKO KANEKO family owns KANEKOCHAN INSTANT FEAST, one of Japan’s largest ramen noodle corporations. Rather than simply one day taking over the company, Kimiko aspired to be a radiologist -- if only she could pass the entrance exams! Struck by the same cosmic debris that transformed her teammates, she awakened with the newfound ability to control the density, flow, and temperature of water. She now pursues a new destiny as the hydro-heroine known as KAMEN RAMEN!

    Kamen America, Vol 7 Standee


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