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The Celebrated Fourth Book

in the Soulfinder Series! Now Available Exclusively through Iconic Comics. Front and Back Cover Art by Rodrigo Avilés

What is Included:


Soulfinder: Tunnel Hounds (Book 4)- The Squarebound Softcover Edition of our 72-page action/adventure story comes with bonus materials from Soulfinder: Tunnel Hounds artist Matthew Weldon along with artist Jeff Spokes.



Douglas Ernst (Writer): the creator of Soulfinder, is a professional journalist who interviewed high profile figures — both cultural and political during his tenure at The Washington Times — including Gary Sinise and Mike Rowe.

Matthew Weldon (Artist)

Rodrigo Avilés (Front and Back Cover Art, Colorist)

Bill Williams (Letterer)

Jeff Spokes (Bonus Art)


The Story:

Before Fr. Reginald Crane and Fr. Lancaster Blatty were enlisted in the order of exorcists known as Soulfinders

they were part of an elite team of U.S. Army soldiers tasked with clearing tunnel systems during the Vietnam War. One particular mission for "Tunnel Rats" Sgt. Crane and Capt. Blatty changed the trajectory of their lives and led them to truly understand the gravity of spiritual warfare. The men are aided in their mission to capture or kill an occultist Vietnamese general by Spc. "Hush" Cook and a Soulfinder — Fr. Lam.


'Soulfinder: Tunnel Hounds' explores the meaning of leadership, the idea of selfless service, and the struggles that come with balancing familial responsibilities with those that come when men you'd die for are placed under your command.

Soulfinder: Tunnel Hounds (Book 4) - Softcover

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