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Our Popular Black Hops x Kamen America x Soulfinder crossover Acrylic Standee. 


Assembles in two separate pieces.


Dimensions: 4"L x 3.5"W x 6.5"H



U.S.A. * G.I.: Part of Task Force 22114: Code name "Black Hops" - is comprised of a rotating array of military and privator Operators and a number of modern-day CRYPTIDS, including the deadly leporid U.S.A.-*-G.I.


KANINA LOVACOVA, a.k.a. HARE TRIGGER: Former CRYPTIQ 2nd in command, she was the head of the organization's paramilitary unit. She recently acquired the hand of Saint Columba, which allows her to communicate with animals and cryptids and gives her command over her hair.


SYLVIA PRESTIGE, a.k.a. KAMEN VICTORY: Former foe of KAMEN AMERICA, she was used by the media agency Lansky & Schultz to act as controlled opposition along with Vermillion Masquerade. Once the plot was exposed, Sylvia confessed her ignorance of the situation and now fights alongside the KAMEN CORPS.


CHARLOTTE VANDERS, a.k.a. KAMEN AMERICA: As the patriotic paladin KAMEN AMERICA, she defends the nation against all its adversaries. Growing up, she dreamed of being a fashion designer when one day she was struck by cosmic debris. Imbued her with the ability to act as a supercharged, high-flying human battery, she soon learns that being a hero sometimes means making the hard choice between doing what's right versus doing what's fashionable.


FATHER PATRICK RETTER of the SOULFINDERS: A small, elite group of trained exorcists with combat experience. Their primary, ancient mission is to stop the cult of the demon BLACKFIRE, who tempts his subjects into willingly subjecting themselves to possession. Father Retter has expertise in the fields of demonology and the occult, two important details that make him suitable as an operator for this particular mission.

    Black Hops X Kamen America X Soulfinder Standee


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