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The highly requested Kamen America Acrylic Keychains are now available only here at Iconic Comics.

Kamen America Acrylic Keychains available in 4 purchasable options!


Option 1) Kamen America Acrlyic Keychain Set - 1 of each, 3 Acrylic Keychains Total

Option 2) Kamen America - CHARLOTTE VANDERS

Option 3) Kamen Comet - MISHA LOVACOVA
Option 4) Kamen Ramen - KIMIKO KANEKO


Acrylic Dimensions: 2 1/2"H x 1 1/4"L x 1/8"W

Dimension Including Clasp: 4"H x 1 1/4L x 1/8"W

For additional clarity, peel off protective film.



CHARLOTTE VANDERS, a.k.a. KAMEN AMERICA: During a foreign tour with the USO, Charlotte Vanders's world was turned upside down when she was impacted by cosmic debris! Reborn as a super-charged henshin heroine and inspired by the American spirit of self reliance, grit, and determination, she is the patriotic paladin now known as KAMEN AMERICA!

MISHA LOVACOVA was the youngest heiress to the family business: the paramilitary group known as NINGEN. After being struck by the same cosmic debris that granted abilities to Kamen America - and a brief but fateful altercation with her - she was extradited to the USA, where she now uses her fighting prowess for the side of good as the combustible combatant known as KAMEN COMET!