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  • Original Artwork

  • Hand-drawn and Signed Original Butch Killigan Drawing!
  • 1 of 18 Original Artwork by Sven Stoffels
  • Dimension Size 9" x 6.5"
  • Will be included in protective artwork sleeve



Meet BUTCH KILLIGAN, a hard-boiled D.E.A detective patrolling the mean streets of Ultra-City with his partner, Poncho. He is about to bite off more than he can chew when he confronts a shady cabal and their mysterious contraband. What horrors await our hero beyond the confines of the streets and the law?

Butch Killigan is the kind of hard-boiled, tough-as-nails detective who feels perfectly at home slogging through -- and cleaning up -- the slums of Ultra City. Does he do it in the name of the law? It's more like the law gives him the perfect excuse to do it -- and go beyond if necessary!

Poncho is Butch's partner and somewhat of a sidekick, but most of the time it's as if he's playing babysitter. He knows the code of conduct and is constantly flabbergasted at Butch's flaunting of procedure, but of the time he's just a witness to Butch's shenanigans.

Created by Sven Stoffels, Butch Killigan is Sven Stoffels' debut graphic novel series.

Introducing "Butch Killigan," the debut graphic novel written and illustrated by artist Sven Stoffels. Sven Stoffels is an accomplished animator with an impressive list of TV credits. He's lent his creative touch to projects for Comedy Central's TripTank, College Humor's Cartoons, FX, and has collaborated with comedians like Jim Norton and Luis J Gomez, as well as animation projects with Doug Tennapel. With over 15 years of experience in the fields of art and animation, Sven has made a significant mark on the entertainment industry.

You might also recognize him from viral internet cartoons, including "Joe Biden's Hairy Legs Animation." Notably, Sven is the talent behind the captivating artwork and posters for New York's largest comedy festival, Skankfest.

Butch Killigan - Original Art - ONLY 1 AVAILABLE

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