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  • 72 pages, Square Bound Softcover Graphic Novel
  • Front cover by Timothy Lim and Genzoman
  • Back cover by Jacob Gerber
  • Black Hops Patch (While Supplies Last)


BLACK HOPS: U.S.A.-*-G.I is the ongoing comic book series about a covert strike force consisting of modern day cryptids. Their mission: to thwart an evil organization that specializes in the creation, capture, and weaponization of cryptids of their own. First published in 2018, the characters in BLACK HOPS have gone on to cameo in other comics, such as Punchline and RAGS.


Black Hops Volume 3: Hypocalypse Now the third installment of the BLACK HOPS saga: taking place almost a year after the events of Black Hops Volume 2: Hare Trigger and serving as an interquel and bridge between Kamen America Volume 1 and Kamen American Volume 2, the team is joined permanently by Penelope as the translator and backup for the team. They must infiltrate a castle in Europe to rescue a defector to the United States with critical information on CRYPTIQ. Unfortunately for them, CRYPTIQ is gunning for this asset as well and it's a race against time to see who gets the target first!


Along the way, the team will pick up new members -- including the highly trained COMMANDO-G -- as the stakes are raised between both sides!


Many of our recent readers have discovered BLACK HOPS for the first time thanks to the revealed tie-in from the epilogue of Kamen America Volume 1. As such, we are offering either VOLUME 3 as a stand alone book or the OMNIBUS, which collects all 3 volumes of BLACK HOPS to date!



BLACK HOPS: U.S.A.-*-G.I. created by Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini

  • Art by Timothy Lim
  • Written by Mark Pellegrini
  • Front Cover by Timothy Lim and Genzoman
  • Back Cover by Jacob Gerber
  • Professional modeling by River Breann and Weapon Outfitters
  • Additional art and content by Matthew Weldon, Reagan Long, Bill Williams, CuteSexyRobutts, and Kelsey Shannon




  • U.S.A.-*-G.I: After surviving an atomic bomb in the 1940's, the rabbit known as U.S.A.-*-G.I. displayed heightened intelligence and other skills, including optic camouflage, prolonged longevity, and the ability to communicate selectively with other creatures using an indecipherable carrier frequency. He has lived for generations with the Frelings, a career military family.
  • PATRIOT-R: Off the coast of Japan, an irradiated otter was found by United States cleanup personnel. He manifested the same heightened intelligence as U.S.A.-*-G.I. but is much more unpredictable and violent by nature.
  • RIGOR TORTOISE: A multi-billion dollar experiment to artificially create the same set of skills displayed by U.S.A.-*-G.I. Ultimately the money was spent to augment a naturally intelligent terrapin with bionic enhancements and neural implants to be used as a trainable, walking weapon.
  • Penelope Freling: The current owner of U.S.A.-*-G.I. and descendant of the man who first discovered him, she is bonded to him and is the only person capable of understanding his communication frequency. She has reluctantly joined BLACK HOPS and undergone training to be an independent contractor, serving as a translator and necessary backup.



  • APEX MOTH: The enigmatic leader and creator of CRYPTIQ, he was a scientist commissioned in 1966 to study and recreate the same conditions that made U.S.A.-*-G.I. A freak accident at his lab in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, turned him into an abomination. He wears a helmet to hide his visage. The leading expert on cryptids, his goal is to find, create, and bio-weaponize them for sinister purposes.
  • HARE TRIGGER: Kanina Lovacova, CEO of the internationally renowned private military company NINGEN. Her company was responsible for keeping watch over Apex Moth while he was in captivity, but he successfully bribed her to join him and use NINGEN as CRYPTIQ's private army. Wanted by the United States for treason, she is currently traversing Europe as she avoids extradition.

Black Hops: Hypocalypse Now, Vol #3

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • BLACK HOPS: Hare Trigger reunites the creative team of writer Mark Pellegrini and artist Timothy Lim. Joining them again on Hypocalyse Now will be the Punchline creative team, with Matthew Weldon on art and Bill Williams lettering.

    Timothy Lim is a professional illustrator and political cartoonist from the state of Arkansas. With more than 8 years of industry experience working as a freelance merchandising and cover artist for several franchises, he has created and illustrated multiple works with co-creator Mark Pellegrini within the last 2 years that have gone on to be major bestsellers. These include but are not limited to Thump: The First Bundred Days, Black Hops: U.S.A.-*-G.I., Black Hops: Hare Trigger, Kamen America, My Hero Magademia, and Wall-Might. He recently partnered with writer Chuck Dixon on Trump's Space Force and Douglas Ernst on Soulfinder: Demon's Match.

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