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  • Black Hops, Vol. 6 - Hardcover.  72 pages. 72 ページ。
  • Black Hops Omnibus 2 - Hardcover. Contains Volumes 4-6 of BLACK HOPS. 216 pages.


Black Hops 6 marks a monumental occasion as not one, not two, but over FIVE creative teams from the publishing worlds of Iconic Comics and Antarctic Press join forces to bring you the latest chapter of the Black Hops adventure!

This also marks the publication of the 2nd Black Hops Omnibus, which collects Volumes 4-6 of the series!

TASK FORCE 22114 -- code named BLACK HOPS -- consists of a team of handlers and modern day CRYPTIDS. These include:


U.S.A.-*-G.I.: A biologically enhanced rabbit that survived the atomic fires of World War II. He has a heightened animal intelligence as well as access to all leporid abilities in his genetic spectrum. He is considered to be the deadliest biological agent known to man.


PATRIOT-R: An irradiated otter found swimming off the coast of Japan, his attitude is only matched with his aptitude for action. He's paired with the cybernetically enhanced turtle, RIGOR TORTOISE.


BAZOOKI: Having lived for ages around a shrine, this Japanese raccoon dog was found to have the ability to encase himself in stone. Under this form, he is largely impervious to a multitude of attacks.


JACKKNIFE: The last of the jackalopes, this self-styled alpha of the group is trying to adjust to a brave new world. He's paired with the human cryptid PITCHFORK, also known as the Devil of the Pine Barrens.

CRYPTIQ and its leader, APEX MOTH, seeks to create, capture, and weaponize CRYPTIDS for nefarious means. In his latest bid for power, he's sent some of his echelon to make a deal with Japanese gangsters while he hides out in the mysterious and deadly port of LONGHARBOR.

To fight CRYPTIQ on two fronts, the BLACK HOPS and SPEC HOPS teams find themselves enlisting some serious muscle:


KAMEN AMERICA and the Kamen Corps: a quartet of henshin heroines imbued with elemental abilities that include lightning, fire, and water.


SOULFINDER 79: the youngest recruit of the Vatican's order of combat exorcists, trained to fight evil in the valley between the physical world and the world of the supernatural.


VERSEMA: Bestowed with the abilities granted to the Daughters of Hercules, Jesse McGrath has the power to alter her physical appearance and is endowed with superhuman strength, flight, and durability.


Regina "RAGS" Ragowski: A battle-hardened Marine who finds herself in strange situations with coincidental wardrobe malfunctions. Rags is paired with an unusual tactical unicorn onesie whose power limits have not been fully reached.

The BLACK HOPS team is sent to Japan to stop the trade of microprocessors to APEX MOTH's lieutenant, STILETTO SNAKE. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned as some unexpected guests also show up!

Meanwhile, the SPEC HOPS team is sent to LONGHARBOR to see what APEX MOTH is plotting next. Due its rumored supernatural dangers, SOULFINDER 79 is recruited once again to accompany the team on its precarious endeavor.


    Creative Team:

    • Created by Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini
    • Art by Timothy Lim and Matthew Weldon. 
    • Written by Mark Pellegrini
    • Lettering by Timothy Lim
    • Black Hops, Vol. 6 - Cover by NAMI
    • Black Hops Omnibus 2 - Cover by 8HUSA.

    Black Hops 6 and Omnibus 2 Bundle

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