Agent Poso Issue #1 - Presented by Jack Posobiec


The Story


Set ten years in the future a global threat has arisen, and the President must turn to those he can trust. An off-the-books team that works directly for him, in the shadows. For the most sensitive missions, he calls upon Agent Poso and TASK FORCE AEGIS


Together with Agent Draino, Agent Tay,  and Agent Fairbanks the Task Force takes on the NO FAIL missions that the President assigns Tier One.


Agent Poso: TASK FORCE AEGIS Issue #1 is a 32-page graphic novel and a high-energy rollercoaster of action, espionage, geopolitics and tongue-in-cheek political satire. It's an adventure everyone in the family can enjoy.




TASK FORCE AEGIS exists to diffuse situations that are too politically sensitive for the CIA. AEGIS is a specialized group of professionals who remain hidden from the public eye. Although its network of specialists and operators is growing, we will introduce you to the key operatives found in issue #1.


Jack Posobiec: Jack, or AGENT POSO as he is known by the team, leads Task Force AEGIS field operations. Jack is a master of disguises, stealth, espionage, and both armed and unarmed combat. He has the skill to blend in to any group to gather intel...except for one thing: cargo shorts.


Tanya Tay Posobiec: You don't seriously think Tanya would let Jack go into harm's way without her help, do you? Born in the USSR, and now a proud American, Tanya is an expert