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Now, for the first time, the Wall-Might Trilogy is collected in one definitive volume!


My Hero MAGAdemia, Wall-Might, and Wall-Might 3: The MAGAlorian chronicle the rise of Donaldus Magnus after receiving the legacy ability known as the E Pluribus Unum. Granted the power of the people, he turns into the American champion Wall-Might as he works tirelessly for its citizens. Together with his wife -- FLOTUS -- and young protege, Maiku-Kun, he faces a rogues gallery of Deep State operatives, greasy politicians, and malicious Marxists through 100+ pages of greatness.

The best, really, everyone agrees.



  • The collected, original printings of My Hero MAGAdemia: Wall-Might, Wall-Might: First Term, Part II (the complete crowdfunded version), Wall-Might 3: The MAGAlorian (includes Wall-Might Side Story: GOPlin Slayer written by R.D. and Raymond Porse)
  • That's 110+ pages. HUGE!
  • All original covers and supplemental material, including the virgin version of Dave Dorman's MAGAlorian cover
  • Square-bound, with a Golden Embossed Title
  • A sticker with every purchase. Believe me, so good.
  • A "Trump's Space Force" Patch with every purchase


Created, drawn, and colored by Timothy Lim and written and co-created by Mark Pellegrini with additional colors by Brett R. Smith, My Hero MAGAdemia became one of the most wildly successful political comics in recent years, filling in a much-needed market gap at the cross-section of politics and pop culture.


Since then, the duo of Lim and Pellegrini have gone on to collaborate on 10 books in the last 2 years. Two hobbyists -- non professionals -- have produced or have been involved in the following works in their spare time, all stemming from one political parody:

  • My Hero MAGAdemia
  • Black Hops: Buns of the Patriots #1
  • Black Hops: Buns of the Patriots #2
  • Trump's Space Force
  • Wall-Might: First Term, Part 2
  • Soulfinder: Demon's Match
  • Black Hops, Volume 2: Hare Trigger
  • Kamen America, Volume 1: Stars and Strife
  • Wall-Might 3: The MAGAlorian
  • Black Hops, Volume 3: Hopocalypse Now


Wall-Might: Gold Standard

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  • A Note from the Creators:

    The Wall-Might trilogy means a lot to us. It marks the conclusion of our political parodies while at the same time celebrating the root of our success: it is a physical example, we feel, of how anything can done well if treated seriously (even a farce, comedy, or parody). We have this series to thank for our 2 years of content and for being the springboard for countless ideas: for you, we hope that the the humor in our storytelling serves as a reminder of the roller coaster ride in the world of politics from 2016 to 2020.

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